Waterproof Pocket Beach Blanket

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Waterproof Pocket Beach Blanket

This portable and water-proof Beach Blanket is a great solution if you need a large sand-free space on the beach. Provides enough room for your beach gear or family members.


  • Made from ultra-lightweight, tear-resistant parachute nylon material
  • This Waterproof Pocket Beach Blanket comes with 4 anchors to keep it secure on the sand
  • Water-proof, sand-proof, comes with corner-loops for the anchors
  • Pocket-sized and lightweight. Easy to carry
  • Measures folded inside the carry bag - 6.3in x 5.1in 
  • Comes in 2 sizes: Small - 200cm x 140cm (79in x 55in) and Medium - 200cm x 210cm (79in x 83in)
  • 5 colours available