Compact Campfire Tripod

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Portable Campfire Cooking Tripod 

Imagine... the sound of crackling wood, the flavor of campfire-meal in the works, friends or family gathered around the campfire. One of the best ways to enjoy the outdoors. 

This Portable Campfire Cooking Tripod is the right tool for the job.

  • Good enough for hanging cast iron dutch ovens, teapots, coffee pots over a campfire. Also works great for hanging lanterns, suspending water jugs, drying clothes, and other uses
  • This camping tripod is a must for outdoor campfire cooking, picnic, hiking, bonfire, or camping trip. Easy setup and storage
  • Heavy-duty aluminum construction and nickel-plated chain with 'S' hook for easy cooking height adjustment. For maximum stability over your campfire or fire pit.
  • Package: 1 pc Tripod Hanging Ring, 1 pc S hook steel Chain, 1 leather storage pouch