Heated Knee Pads

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Heated Knee Pads

Use Heat Therapy to get rid of lower joint pains and inflammation. By using the infrared wavelength heat technique in your knee joints, it relieves the pain and inflammation by going 10x deeper inside the affected area, to the source of pain. Resulting in increased blood flow to the targeted regions.


  • Deep muscular relaxation
  • Increased blood circulation to the affected area that aggressively promotes healing
  • Can also be used to treat joint pains in thighs or calves
  • Reduced risk of injury pre and post-activity
  • Reduce and remove lactic acid build-up
  • Heat Controller: 3 levels of heat settings
  • Recommended time/session: 15-20 minutes
  • Temperature rating using the supplied USB Cable: 36 -57 Degree Celsius (Approx)
    Temperature rating using the supplied power cord: 48-90 Degree Celsius (Approx)
  • Different product variants are available
  • Not a wireless device
  • Come's with a USB cable or a USB cable + Power Plug
  • Made of composite materials