Bluetooth Sports Headband

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Bluetooth Sports Headband

Multi-use Bluetooth with Noise-Cancelling. Very Versatile!

This Bluetooth-enabled device is multi-functional, won't shift or fall while you do your workout

  • Use as a Sports Headband  
    • Provides moisture-wicking protection prevents sweats from reaching your face 
    • Power on your workout playlist. No earplugs to worry about, focus more on your workout
    • Active Noise-canceling. Drowns-out the ambient noise and boost your concentration
  • Use as a Cold Weather Ear Protection
    • Keeps your forehead and ears warm
    • Take your music along with you while doing your outdoor activity in cold weather
  • Use as a Sleep Mask
    • Blocks the ambient light so you get more restful sleep
    • Active Noise Cancelling blocks out ambient sounds, snoring
    • Thin on-ear speakers with silicon flat covers and soft materials. Comfortable enough to sleep on your side
  • Use it for travelling
    • Effectively cancels out traffic noise and other ambient sounds
    • Provides you with a quieter environment to sleep, focus, or simply enjoy the scenery while playing your favourite road trip playlist
  • Made from premium materials. Washable and extremely thin on-ear discs
  • Remember to remove speakers before washing