USB Car Air Humidifier

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Car Humidifier USB-powered Air Moisturizer

This one product decreases dryness inside your car. Emits water moisture creating a calming effect during your long drives. Add a few drops of your favorite essential oils for a truly calming cabin environment.


  • Moisturizes the cabin air and minimize the effect of dryness in your skin, nose, mouth, throat, and eyes especially in the winter months and also in summer months when A/C is used a lot.
  • This Car Humidifier comes with an impeller to provide a cool-mist effect
  • Perfect for long drives.
  • Measures 10cm x 8cm (3.94in x 3.15in)
  • Humidifying method - mist discharge
  • Humidifying capacity - 200ml/hour
  • Auto shut-off when water tank reaches empty
  • Humification Coverage - less than 10 cubic meter
  • Colors:  White, Pink, Blue
  • Package includes - 1 pc humidifier with impeller, 3 pcs of cotton filter
  • Cotton filter refills (5 pcs) sold separately