Merino Wool Cardigan Women's Sweater

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Merino Wool Cardigan Women's Sweater

These Merino Wool Cardigan Women's Sweaters are the classic workhorses you’ll reach for when you need a reliable cardigan for school or work. They are lightweight yet so warm and versatile. It is sweat-wicking. Absorbs up to 30% of its weight in water before you feel the wetness and naturally expels odors. Level up your layering game, with something underneath or on top, this cardigan is perfect for the Fall Season.
  •  95% Merino Wool
  • Soft and all-natural fabric that helps to regulate your body temps.
  • Made of 24Nm/2 fine yarn, this merino wool blended sweater has a wool fineness of 19μm; 2 Ply densely-knitted yarn of Long Staple finest fibers to deliver Best Anti-Pilling Performance
  • Stand up collar
  • Button-up enclosure
  • Ribbed cuff, and bottoms
  • Breathable, natural anti-microbial and anti-odor, blended wool yarn bring wearer maximum softness and comfort
  • All seams are flat overlocked allows for ultimate comfort, preventing chafing, and allowing your clothes to move with you. Flatlock seams are stronger, helping your garments last


Merino Wool Cardigan Women's Sweater - White - Jin Jacks


 Merino Wool Cardigan Women's Sweater - Yellow - Jin Jacks


Merino Wool Cardigan Women's Sweater - Gray - Jin Jacks